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    Walking Through That Bridge



    Everyone enjoys doing something that can cultivate a sense of righteousness in them and can also keep them happy and satisfied.

    The feeling of doing something we like, makes us different from others, makes us ‘US’ and others ‘THEM’. The idea of doing what makes us connected and heard is itself exciting.

    Now, a word of clarification.

    Doing something exciting is not always exactly the same thing as doing something that makes you happy and satisfied.

    Excitement is a mixed sense of emotions that makes you scared, happy and enthusiastic, all together. Adventure sports and amusement park rides make you feel like that. Don’t they? The adrenaline rush that you feel pumping through your blood making you nervous but prepared, simultaneously.

    These activities, what we call as hobbies, are the area of expertise according to every individual’s personality. One tends to indulge in these activities that give them satisfaction and something to gain, no matter in what form. It can be emotions or respect or recognition or even intutional leveling.

    Why we do what we do, is a practically framed question with already prepared answers. No matter to whom we are asking this question to, the response is always delivered, either confidently or skeptically.
    Isn’t it just because we want to stay contented with the ‘IDEA’ of joyful feeling. Or is it because of something else? Some other concept with the superficial layer covering the inner element, not always visible to be understood completely.

    This idea is nothing but can be considered as a virtual remark of self praise. I am completely not denying the concept of following one’s hobby. The actual concept consists of something more. The actual elaboration can show that it is something of one’s interest but with productive output and result.
    If there is no output other than self praise worth then the half meaning itself is lost.

    I agree that hobbies are meant to be enjoyed by the individual for self satisfaction but in any case if there is no appropriate outcome then eventually individual will get into the sense of self absorption and lesser ability to accept anything out of one’s own individual interest.

    Try to see the connectivity yourselves.

    One particular thing may lead to other and ultimately a cage for us to trap ourselves into it. The irony is that, we realised it but never accepted it.

    There is no limitation or objection for you to not proceed with your choice of interest. But there should be limitations and personal checks to keep a track of what you do and how you do it along with the output you get out of it. Checks are totally self based and mostly informal but sustainable because ultimately we do what makes us happy.

    From hobbies to career choices to professional choices, everything balances each other. The bridge is very flexible and shakes whenever a storm comes it’s way. The flexibility is turned into the concrete form by us while walking through that bridge, which takes time, patience and consistency.

    Let’s take a very basic example-
    Consider a student who is studying law. He had an edge for foreign languages but without realising his true interest in any other field or for any selected language, he randomly starts taking classes of a language that he found to be most crowded.

    Eventually he couldn’t bear to take the classes anymore because not only it was distracting but his other priorities were getting hampered too.

    Possible explanation for this incident could be because of unjust and non realised actions that had a drastic reaction.

    By drastic it does not mean that it will be negative rather it means something that is completely out of the place and deflected to a great extent.

    I always believe that one should,
    “Do what they want
    Not what others want them to
    But the choices of hobbies that they make
    Should have productive output that they can take.”

    The simultaneous process of following your career and also following your area of interest requires a lot of dedication and enthusiasm.

    Not everyone can cope up with this and as a result they find their career inclusive of their hobby, to once and for all establishing a complete overlap between the two, superficially as well as intramurally.

    Sometimes it work out, sometimes it doesn’t.
    But in any situation, we never stop from trying to realise, to understand, to absorb, to accept and to implement.

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