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    Yoga and Breathing Exercises aid children with ADHD to focus



    Summary: A new study at Ural Federal University reports that Yoga and breathing training programs can help children with ADHD to focus their attention.

    Source: NeuroscienceNews

    Psychologists of Ural Federal University in their study have found that Yoga and breathing exercises have a positive effect on children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). After special sessions, the children improve their attention, decrease hyperactivity, they do not get tired soon, they can engage in complex activities longer.

    ADHD is a chronic condition which affects millions of children and usually continues into adulthood. ADHD includes a combination of continual problems, such as difficulty in maintaining attention, inadequate hyperactivity and impulsive behavior.

    The psychologists used a special breathing exercise related to the development of diaphragmatic rhythmic deep breathing and belly breathing. This helps in increased supply of oxygen to the brain and helps the reticular formation to cope better with its role. When the reticular formation receives enough oxygen, it improves the brain activity of the child. In addition to breathing exercises, psychologists used other exercises with polar states “tension-relaxation”.

    A study about the effects of exercise on functions associated with voluntary regulation and control was carried out on 16 children aged six to seven years who encounter ADHD. The children were trained three times a week for two to three months.

    This breathing technique was developed by the Russian neuropsychologist Anna Semenovich as part of a neuropsychological correction technique. UrFU psychologists tested its effectiveness on children with ADHD. The study showed that these exercises have a positive effect.

    However, the study is pilot and more work needs to be done, involving more children of different age and gender having ADHD.

    Published: Ural Federal University

    Contact: Anna Marinovich- Ural Federal University.

    Details: Image source unsplash


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