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    Health of Older People Is Tied to Motivation



    Summary: Motivated older people have better outcomes when it comes to general health, researchers say.

    Source: The Journal of Gerontology.

    Motivation science explores what it is that people desire and dislike or even fear, how these desires, dislikes, and fears are converted into goals, how people go about achieving these goals successfully or detach from them if necessary, and how these methods change over time.

    The supplement consists of nine articles addressing one or more components of a motivational model of healthy aging by reviewing the relevant research and emphasizing open research questions which aim to improve the field of motivation and healthy aging.

    Taken together, the collection of papers in this supplement demonstrates the central role of motivation for healthy aging, and the productivity of this practical model of motivation and healthy aging for both basic and applied research

    The World Health Organization has put forward a definition of “healthy aging” that takes the specific situation of older people into consideration, where functional ability indicates the behaviour that enables people to be and to do what they have a reason to value.

    Thus, if we want to understand ‘healthy aging,’ we need to know what it is that people ‘have a reason to value’ into very old age, and how they can achieve and maintain these valued aspects of their lives.

    Published: The Journal of Gerontology.

    Contact: Alexandra M. Freund Professor für Psychologie, Universität Zürich.

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