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    That’s Scary! People Will Submit Themselves to Immense Fear to Gain Social Status



    Summary: Like a good scare? You’re not alone, according to a Kansas State University psychological sciences professor.

    Source: Neuroscience News.

    For many, Halloween is an exciting night filled with treats, costumes, ghosts, ghouls and some fear, which can be a good thing. There is evolutionary value in fear, according to a study by the researchers of Kansas State University.

    But if fear is an evolutionary feature to survive, then why do people try to enjoy feeling fear on Halloween?

    Social Status

    The researchers feel that society enjoys getting into the spirit of the holidays. Being scared on Halloween is culturally embedded, such as giving is fixed in the Christmas holiday.

    Fear also causes arousal for those being scared. Some general feelings that people experience in fear are- hands may shake, their heart may beat faster and they may begin to sweat. Taking part willingly in being scared on a holiday like Halloween then makes this arousal nonthreatening; feeling fear becomes fun.

    Apart from having fun while being
    Frightened during Halloween, people also willingly visit those mega-haunted houses to experience fear and have fun along with friends. These experiences are stronger when shared with friends, and most people who go through haunted houses go in as groups.

    The researchers reveal that the experience of fear creates a social connection. When people are scared, they instantly look for support and consolation. When people subject themselves to fear in haunted houses with their friends, they create lifelong experiences that give them a reason to be together.

    Published: Neuroscience News.

    Contact: Don Saucier, Kansas State University.

    Details: Image source IStock.


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