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    Men and Women Ride the Same Emotional Roller Coaster



    Summary: Contrary to popular myths on stereotypes, women are not more emotional than men, researchers report. A new study reveals men and women ride the same Emotional Roller Coaster.

    Source: Scientific Reports.

    Contrary to wide command gender stereotypes, women don’t seem to be more emotional than men, researchers say.

    Feelings like enthusiasm, nervousness or strength are usually understood differently between the two genders. For instance, a man whose emotions fluctuate throughout a sporting event is represented as “passionate.”

    Emotional Roller Coaster

    The researchers observed 142 men and women for a period of seventy-five days to learn additional regarding their daily emotions, each positive or negative. The women were divided into four groups: one naturally cycling and 3 others using totally different kinds of oral contraceptives.

    The researchers detected fluctuations in emotions in 3 alternative ways, so compared the sexes. They found little-to-no variations between men and therefore numerous groups of women, suggesting that men’s emotions fluctuate to identical extent as women’s do (although likely for various reasons).

    The findings have implications for everyday folks, the researchers say. Girls have historically been excluded from analyzing participation in part because of the belief that ovarian hormone fluctuations result in variation, particularly in emotion, that can’t be through an experiment controlled, they say.

    Published: Scientific Reports.

    Contact: Alexander Weigard Department of Psychology, The University of Michigan, USA.

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