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Body and Soul5 months ago

The Mind-Body Connection: How Physical Health Impacts Mental Wellbeing

Summary: The mind-body connection, a concept rooted in the holistic approach to health, underscores the bidirectional nature of this relationship....

Anxiety5 months ago

Anxiety in the Digital Era: The Twofold Impact of Technology

Summary: In the age of technology, it is crucial to know the impact of digital interference on our mental health....

Stress5 months ago

How to use creativity to Express and Heal from Loneliness

Loneliness is a universal human experience, but it doesn’t have to be a stagnant state. Creativity can serve as a...

News & Research on Psychology | ShareYrHeart5 months ago

In the young brain, erasing trauma memories is a challenge.

Source: Weizmann Institute of Science Summary: The amazing property of plasticity in our brains allows them to alter over the...

Stress5 months ago

Mindfulness Techniques for Managing Stress in the Digital Age

Mindfulness techniques present a vibrant and practical way for stress management in the digital age. By practicing present-moment awareness in...

Stress5 months ago

How chronic stress impacts our health and wellbeing

WHAT IS CHRONIC STRESS? Chronic stress, a prolonged state of psychological strain, impacts individuals across age groups and professions. It...

News & Research on Psychology | ShareYrHeart6 months ago

Unique brain activity brought forth by traumatic recollections

Source: Yale University Summary: It is commonly recognized that those who have experienced traumatic events such as brutal conflict, sexual...

News & Research on Psychology | ShareYrHeart6 months ago

Newborn’s brains aren’t less developed than those of other primates.

Source: University College London Summary: A recent study shows that, contrary to popular belief, human newborn’s brains aren’t substantially less...

News & Research on Psychology | ShareYrHeart6 months ago

Chronic stress makes the mind desire for comfort food

Source: Garvan Institute of Medical Research Summary: Chronic stress can suppress the body’s natural satiety signals, increasing appetite and boosting...

News & Research on Psychology | ShareYrHeart6 months ago

Children’s behavioral issues are connected to high levels of maternal stress during pregnancy.

Source: American Psychological Association Summary: Pregnant women who experience extreme stress, anxiety, or depression may put their unborn children at greater risk of developing mental health problems and behavioral problems as children and teenagers. Tung and associates examined information from 55 studies, including almost 45,000 people in total....

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