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Pankaj was working hard to become a doctor. Pankaj’s desire was to get medical education from a good foreign university. His hard work paid off and he got selected for a medical program in a college in the United States. Pankaj was from an aristocratic business family. All the family members were successful businessmen to whom name and money were all that mattered. His father and all the other elders of the family also wanted to see Pankaj in business. The admission offer was on the table but his family avoided the subject. All other topics of conversation except those concerning business were out of bounds. Pankaj’s dream remained incomplete.

Vandana was meritorious, cheerful and talented. She wanted to have a better career and had the passion to make a difference in life. Even though she had her own ambitions and desires, her family married her off to an affluent man, as is the case in many middle class families. Despite all the material comforts the family had access to , they were often deprived of the luxury of communicating with each other.

Rashmi graduated top of her class and got accepted in a post graduate management course. She fell in love with a classmate who was in the same program as her. The two of them dreamt of spending their lives together. Yet, they didn’t breach the subject to their families for fear of rejection and disapproval.

Shivkaran ji retired after 35 years of service in a big company and got a lot of money after retirement. His children were busy with their jobs in other cities and Shivkaran ji was ‘ busy ‘ with his solitary life. He had no one to talk to.

Nitin got married with a beautiful bride but even after four years could not become a parent. He was plagued by the judgmental looks that he received from the people around him. Hesitating to go to the doctor, Nitin slowly became irritable.

There are many such instances in real life where our inability to communicate hinders our dreams and aspirations. We will find many examples in family, business and in our social circles where lack of communication has led people to become depressed. In an increasingly connected world, real communication has become a rare thing to find. Loneliness is an epidemic that plagues individuals of all ages. Moving away from families, our inability to truly share our thoughts and feelings as well as having fewer real life social connections have only added to the existing problems. If you observe the state of people today, pretending to be ‘busy’ on their phones rather than speaking to people in front of them, you will realize why isolation and loneliness are such prevalent concepts in the modern world.

Thus, to ensure our positive role in the society we wanted to bring a platform, where people can express their views, share their problems and discuss solutions- DIL KI BAAT, DIL SE.

I am a senior journalist with a rich, cumulative experience of more than 30 years, having traversed different formats of print, electronic and new media. Graduate in Bio-Science and a post-graduate in law, journalism and management. I have worked in the capacity of an Editor, Executive Editor, Managing Editor, Correspondent, Bureau Chief and Publisher cum Unit Head for numerous regional, national and international newspapers and magazines. Additionally, a National Executive Council member of the Indian Journalists’ Union, Global Communication Lead of the Center for International Media Ethics. and founder of Indian Journalists Welfare Foundation. With a deep-rooted passion for philanthropy, I always strive to learn new things and add on to my repertoire of skills. When it came to naming this platform, we endorsed “ShareYrHeart " (Share Your Heart) based on the concept of 'Dil Ki Baat Dil Se Sajha Karo'. Positive communication always makes a difference. It is said that having a Healthy Heart is very important for a Healthy Life. By imbibing this notion, we are presenting “ShareYrHeart " to you. We care about your mental and psychological well-being. This is your platform, please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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