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    Ketamine and Naltrexone Combo Shows Promise for Depression and Addiction Treatments



    Summary: A new study reveals the combination of ketamine with naltrexone can help treat symptoms of both depression and addiction.

    Source: JAMA Psychiatry.

    An initial study by Yale University researchers indicate that the combination of naltrexone and ketamine can be helpful in treatment both symptoms of addiction and depression,

    Substance abuse and depression are common in many patients, and efforts to treat both conditions simultaneously have had little success. This study suggests that the antidepressant effects of ketamine may be blunted by the controlled usage of naltrexone. This limits the cravings of those addicted to opioid drugs and alcohol.

    This study was carried out on five patients suffering from both depression and substance abuse disorders suggest that isn’t the case.

    The findings from the study increases the possibility that for people who have depression entangled by substance abuse disorders, the combination of ketamine and naltrexone may be an approach to explore in the attempt to optimally treat both conditions.

    The researchers treated the five patients suffering from depression and alcohol use disorder with a long-lasting form of naltrexone and then administered ketamine. Four of the five responded to the first ketamine dose and all five perceived relief from depression after multiple doses.

    The study also questions the idea that ketamine might initiate antidepressant effects by stimulating opiate receptors. The researchers believe that larger studies are needed to confirm beneficial effects of the combination treatment.

    Published: JAMA Psychiatry.

    Contact: Gihun Yoon, MD, Yale University.

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