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    AI might make workers depressed and Lonely



    Summary : AI might make workers depressed and Lonely. A recent study discovered that individuals who work with AI systems may feel lonely, have difficulty sleeping, and drink more alcohol after work.

    The scientists found that using AI systems is linked to loneliness and other emotions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that using AI itself causes these emotions.

    Source : Journal of Applied Psychology

    AI leads to depression

    The quick progress in AI technology is causing a new revolution in business that changes how we work. It is good in some ways, but there are things we don’t know yet that could hurt workers’ health and well-being. According to Pok Man Tang, who teaches at the University of Georgia, this is true.

    People need social interaction, however if they only work with AI systems, it could affect their personal lives in a negative way. This was stated in a news release from a journal.

    Researches and discovery

    Researchers discovered that using AI systems can be helpful. People who use artificial intelligence at work may be more willing to help their colleagues, but this might be because they feel lonely and want to connect with others, according to Tang’s group.

    Scientists discovered that people who feel insecure and anxious about social connections help others more when they work with AI systems. They were also very lonely and had trouble sleeping.

    166 engineers at a Taiwanese biomedical company who use AI systems were asked how they feel about being alone, feeling attached, and fitting in. People who used AI systems a lot were more likely to feel lonely, have trouble sleeping, and drink more alcohol after work. However, they also tended to be helpful to their co-workers.

    In a test with 126 people who help people buy and sell houses in Indonesia, some were asked to not use computers that help them work for three days. The other people were told to use those computers as much as possible. People who used artificial intelligence at work did not drink more after work, even if they used it more often.

    The results of an online test that involved 214 American workers and 294 workers from a tech company in Malaysia were alike.


    Tang thinks that people who create AI should try to make artificial intelligence systems more like humans by giving them things like a human voice for talking with people. Bosses can reduce how often workers use AI machines, and give chances for them to hang out with others.

    Tang suggests that mindfulness programs and other positive activities could potentially reduce feelings of loneliness. Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. To avoid harm to those who use these systems in their work, we should take action now.

    Source : Journal of Applied Psychology

    Image Source : Canva

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