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    Summary: Reduction of that disconnected face to face communication among romantic couples, by increasing the feeling of being ignored. And by substantially raising doubt and jealousy, partner phubbing has been largely linked with decreased relationship satisfaction.

    Source: The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication.

    Mobile phones have evolved as the primary communication tools in every person’s daily lives. As including the Internet in everyday life and many applications to work in people’s pockets. They have become the mode of something more than communication among two people, rather have become the tools of managing lives. Along with easing many daily routines of our lives, frequent utilization of these internet devices have raised questions regarding whether they damage interpersonal communication, or aid in communication.

    Phubbing is the behavior of phone snubbing. When mobile devices result in people to ignore the ones who are present beside them. And resulting in the reduction of disconnected interpersonal communication. When this happens among couples who are in an intimate relationship, the aforementioned behavior is termed as ‘partner phubbing’ (pphubbing).

    The previous studies have observed that by reducing the face to face communication among romantic couples increases the feeling of being ignored, and in turn substantially raising doubt and jealousy, partner phubbing has been largely linked with decrement of relationship satisfaction.

    Accordingly, this study was conducted by a group with the target to compare perceived partner phubbing and the relationship satisfaction of people who are involved in dating relationships, and people who are currently married and are living in Turkey.

    For the study, the researchers analysed samples of 500 participants and this was the first ever study to be conducted to measure the impact of partner phubbing on relationship satisfaction in Turkey. The survey consisted of two scales (Phubbing Scale and Relationship Satisfaction Scale).

    The findings of the study were interesting. The study found that phubbing behavior is prevalently performed among couples who were residing in Turkey as well.

    However, the result was somewhat different than what was expected. It demonstrates that phubbing behavior does not negatively impact the relationship satisfaction of couples in Turkey.

    Published: The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication.

    Contact: Esra Cizmeci Ümit, Faculty of Art and Design, Yahova University.

    Details: Image source IStock.

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