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    Demand for Mental Health Services: A Comprehensive Guide



    Since the COVID-19 epidemic started, society has had a greater demand for mental health services. Workloads grow as more individuals seek counseling, adding to the burden on everyone who provides mental health services.

    In a study of psychologists done by the American Psychological Association in the autumn of 2021, 10% of participants said that the demand for anxiety therapy had increased since the pandemic began, while 12% said that the need for depression treatment had increased. In addition, 62% of survey participants reported receiving more referrals in 2021 than in 2020, and 68% reported a longer queue at the start of the pandemic in 2021.

    As a result, many doctors started providing telemedicine services, if they hadn’t already. In the APA poll, 96% of participants said they thought using telehealth as a therapeutic technique was helpful, and 93% said they planned to keep offering remote services after the pandemic. Patients may find it simpler to obtain therapy while maintaining their physical health with remote mental health services. Additionally, it could be more practical for those with demanding schedules.

    Increased Mindfulness Awareness

    It’s on track to maintain and even expand its momentum as a movement after recently becoming a buzzword. The Eastern concept of paying attention to the present moment is expanded upon by mindfulness. Religion is not a must, however Buddhism and Eastern philosophy both contain mindfulness teachings.

    Counselors, therapists, and psychologists are increasingly incorporating the mindfulness philosophy into their client interactions during sessions and courses.

    Mental Health

    Adaptation of AI Developments

    In the upcoming years, artificial intelligence is expected to play an increasingly bigger part in psychology when it comes to identifying and treating mental health disorders. Although most psychologists do not view artificial intelligence as a replacement for established techniques, AI-based technologies can enhance therapies in the following ways:

    Examining written correspondence in suicide warning systems.

    Using smartphone applications to deliver daily cognitive behavioral treatment.

    Distributing video games for the treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder with a doctor’s guidance.

    Psychology experts should approach cautiously when using AI technology since there are issues, such as algorithmic biases or privacy problems.

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    Source : Columbia Southern University

    Date : 30th May 2023