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    To travel a long distance, we usually need a vehicle – a perfectly running one. We can easily say that the distance is the journey of life, the vehicle is the body and our thoughts are its fuel.

    In order to learn further and get higher education, students choose a university, the curriculum, the faculty and once satisfied, they put forth an application. Once the application is approved, they choose the subjects, the timings and so on.

    In the circle of life, the soul does the same. In order to learn a new lesson, it chooses the country, place, parents and the learning path. To travel this path, it needs a vehicle and that is THE PHYSICAL BODY.

    So many students take admission in the university every year. Some become toppers, some score decent marks while some get distracted and eventually drop out. Soul’s journey is similar.

    A soul in order to learn a lesson, comes to earth. It chooses the place, the parents, the life.

    It depends on the parents (the teachers) for its elementary and primary guidance. This is why the mother is said to be the first and primary GURU. She does not only guide but nurtures the child too.

    The soul, like a good learner must walk on the chosen path and reach its goal, learn the lesson (the soul purpose) it had signed up for.

    Often when a vehicle loaded with attractive functions and features, is given to a driver, the driver tends to get mesmerized by the mechanism and functionality of the vehicle that he forgets to drive, ignores the purpose and ends up disregarding the destination.

    Similarly, the soul may get mesmerized and get distracted by the “Maya” created by the 5 senses of the PHYSICAL BODY.

    The vehicle loaded with the latest features, was provided to make the journey smooth, interesting and fast. Did the driver use it well? The usage makes the difference. The PHYSICAL BODY has many magical features, it is on the owner to make legitimate use of it, remain focused on the journey and reach the destination.

    Thought is the fuel of this vehicle. The speed, longevity and the quality of the journey depends on the quality of the fuel to a big extent. Thoughts are responsible for the “quality” of the journey. Good thoughts will result in a smooth and happy journey while bad thoughts will make the journey difficult just as bad fuel causes damage to different parts of the vehicle and makes the travel very irritating and difficult.

    Let us now talk about the “soul-contract”.

    In order to learn the lesson on earth, the soul requests other souls to play the roles of its parents, friends, spouse, relatives etc. It gets into a contract with them before taking birth. This is called a soul-contract.

    Sometimes, a soul might come to Earth multiple times and yet fail to learn the lesson. That is when it decides to get into a contract with Karmic Teachers.

    Karmic Teachers are strict and ruthless. For instance, if someone’s father is very dominating and strict, he could be the Karmic Teacher of the soul (child) in this life. Let us not forget that it is the soul, who had signed up for this lesson and signed a contract with another soul to be the father and Karmic Teacher. It is not the other way around.

    The soul, once gets into the body, tends to forget these contracts because of the MAYA that the body creates. Only with meditation and self-work, one can understand his/her life purpose and work towards it.

    Deviation is easy:
    There lived a farmer. His name was Muski. He grew up seeing his father working hard on fields each day with all his honesty. The father led a very simple life doing the same set of things each day. He had not many friends. He did not waste time in village gossips either. Sometimes, he would sit with Muski and tell him stories of his grandparents, teach him about seeds and plants and the river. The family had enough to survive peacefully within their limited means. When Muski became a teen, the father started to teach him to plough. Muski was a good learner. He soon took over from his father. Days passed by peacefully.

    One day, the father passed away. Muski followed his father’s footsteps and continued to be a hard-working farmer. Two years later, his fellow farmer bought a tractor to plough his fields that worked faster and didn’t require so much of hard work but it costed a lot of money. Muski didn’t have even one tenth of it. His father had never advised to borrow money but Muski wanted to own the tractor. He mortgaged his land and the house with the moneylender. Muski figured instead of selling his crops in the local market, if he went to the city, he would fetch more money and would be able to repay the loan in 5 years easily. Things worked for him. He started to earn well and after a year got married too. The next year he became a father but the child was born with a hole in the heart. Travelling to hospitals and the treatment incurred a lot of expense and took up a lot of his time. He could no longer work efficiently and started getting stressed. The loan was weighing heavily on his shoulders all the time. Soon he took to drinking. The farming started to suffer. Soon he was under a lot of debt and the tenure of 5 years got over. Muski had no means to return the money. With a heavy heart, he sold his tractor, sold his land, repaid the money and left the village. His wife had already fought with him and had gone to her parents with the child. Muski went to the city and started to work as a labourer at a construction site. He worked five times more than he what he did when he ploughed his fields without the tractor. He could only repent now.

    All this happened because Muski got distracted from the path of leading a simple life, taught by his father. He got deviated and got mesmerized by the MAYA and created a painful life- journey for himself.

    Now, take a half an hour break, sit at a quiet corner comfortably and introspect your life. Who are you-Muski or his father?
    Remember, life can always be started on a fresh note. If you do not complete your lesson that you signed up for, you will have to come back and start all over again.

    Be blessed.

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