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    Why does it happen that even after being certain to do that one thing, we regretted it later?

    Why we at times don’t feel confident about our own confident choices?

    Why we doubt our most sort out steps?

    Why we suspect the path of our travelled journey?

    No matter what the situation is or what the entire scenario is, we have to act up. Right as well it is. As practical beings, it is our mandate behaviour where we have to act up, have to put out an active participation. This can be in any form, either verbal, emotional, motionable, comprehensible or anything.

    Then what’s the distinction?

    Action is something that is available at every place and for every situation. The distinction is based on what we put forward at what time and for what situation. This is where individualism comes in effect. Deeply the entire idea is very personal.

    This is how regret comes into action, too. No matter what happens, a feeling of submission towards regret is the way of bowing down to an entity of dominance at that moment. We all regret at times in our lives for what we call as big problems or issues where the step we took might seem debatable.

    Most of us don’t understand the true concept of regret. Most of us consider regret as a replicated form of a debatable feeling we have for our choices. I think regret for being a emotion to feel for complete submissive case in a debatable situation, results being opposite of what we were expecting.

    The duration for which it is debatable, is not regret rather a feeling of switch confusion between both the sides. Everyone of us have second thoughts about a choice we make and that is kind of healthy because it allow us to not loose attention and not to be over confident.

    Sometimes a situation of conditional regret is also very prevalent. Many of us choose this to back up the extra physical work or mental work that we are supposed to do. It is totally based on the underlying path and not on the final result.

    For example- a medical aspirant took medical field as his or her career choice. After starting studies, the busy schedule got him or her and created a stressed out situation. The individual at that moment started freaking out and regretted the choice of choosing medicine as a career. But, the same individual went on to become a great doctor and later bragged about his or her choice of choosing that field.

    So the situation where we act up is not particularly a situation that will create regret but the result might be the one to create a feeling of the same.

    No matter what but regret can present itself in many forms. Well, let’s scratch that and instead say, “Regret can be presented by us in any form we seem fit”. It allow us to feel remorse, to gain sympathy, to achieve attention and a pill of thinking skills. Regret is what itself answers the question of self realisation of issues, justification, submission and attention.

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